8 Wonderful Reasons that Tell Us those Promotional Wireless Chargers Are the Next Generation of Promotional Power after Power Banks

Promotional Wireless Charging Pad is the next generation of promotional power because of the convenience it brings and not to mention its popularity that may bring about tremendous benefit to humanity. Promotional wireless charging pads are the latest when it comes to technological advancement. Just imagine your smart phones, other gadgets wirelessly charging without the use of any attachment or cable. It sounds magic but it’s the truth!

The many secrets lie on a high-frequency oscillating magnetic field transferring energy between two coils operating at the same resonant frequency. This movement causes wireless charging a possibility.

Custom Wireless Charging Pads & Mats, Promotional Wireless Chargers Personalized with logo

Custom Wireless Charging Pads & Mats, Promotional Wireless Chargers Personalized with logo

Let us uncover the eight reasons why a wireless charger with logo can help propel your company image. It is true that many are not aware of the evolution of wireless charging or chargers. And that new things have been uncovered which leads reasonable proof why wireless chargers with logo would be a great fit to your marketing campaign.

  1. Longevity. This is the time to say goodbye to cable end frays from being overuse. Many of us get into this mess especially during those times when we need it the most. This situation pains and frustrates us and that the reality. But a promotional wireless charging pad eliminates this problem! You’ll appreciate the increased longevity from using promotional wireless charging pads instead of pulling cables in and out every day. The longer it gets the longer your exposure becomes.
  2. Convenience. Any time that your phone isn’t in your hand or you just got out of work and came home, you can just simply place your smart phone on your promotional wireless charging mat and it will be charging. We often times forget to charge our phone as normal people especially when we are exhausted to put the charging cable into our smart phones. It is easy to do but often times it just doesn’t happen.

Look at this way, you can have as many wireless chargers as you want and put it in your home or the office or in the car and If you need to take a call or check a text, then you can just pick it right up and place it back on your promotional wireless charging mats without the hassle of tripping yourself or pulling back and forth the cable wires. Having said this you are most definitely giving your clients such convenience.

  1. Popular. Since this is a new invention and so much popular to people, as business owners you can take advantage of its popularity and makes use of a custom wireless charging mat. Your target audience would often see your logo and company name and in turn familiarity is often best achieved.
  2. Elegance. The notion alone of wireless charging already creates noise and talks around the community. Often times you would hear people getting amazed about the elegance and beauty of this invention. Custom wireless charging mats do offer a stylish look compared to wired chargers or multi-functional cables wires. Bottom-line is people tend to admire elegance and appreciate finer things in life.
  3. Sealed. When your phone is water and dust resistant, the charging port covers can be very annoying and awkward which in fact could also put your smart phone at risk if it drops in a deep pool or other bodies of water. Intelligently enough this problem can be resolved easily. No ports, no holes means water resistant and dust resistant. It is the simplest way of saying sealed.

Many smart phone companies had already ditched head phone jack and switched to Bluetooth including the charging port and had switched to wireless charging. As a marketer you can use this opportunity to turn your customer into wireless by giving out a wireless charging mat with logo of your brand on it. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to solve their problem by being wireless and you get exposure and customer commitment in such a way.

  1. Universal. Wireless charging mats with logo is universal which means you can use this personalized wireless charging mat and charge all other devices such as smart watch, tablet phones etc.

These personalized wireless charging mats is very much significant especially when you have multiple devices at home.

  1. Environment Friendly. A wireless charging pad with logo at some point helps people in making life easy and comfortable but this is just the one side of it. Wireless charging pads with logo serves a higher purpose, that very purpose is being environmental friendly. Imagine those cables, wires and power adapters we make and discard yearly. We can tremendously reduce the impact to the environment by switching to disposable batteries instead. A personalized wireless charger helps create awareness and at the same time people even without realizing helps decrease in the amount of copper excavated from the earth’s crust by just using personalized wireless chargers.
  2. Economic Growth. A personalized wireless charging pad isn’t just a charger. If you look beyond on what’s about to come, wireless charging spurs growth. It’s a catalyst for more business opportunities and creation of more jobs. The flexibility of wireless charging can go beyond our vivid imagination. Wireless charging can power cars, light post, electronic gadgets, battery operated and even more.


Personalized Wireless Charging Pads would play a significant role in the days to come and it starts with your company name. Custom wireless charger is the start of something big. Today promotional wireless charger is the next generation of promotional power after power banks. Power bank still is the number one choice as of today for emergency powers. It would be a few more years before wireless charging may perhaps overtake this hierarchy.

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