Customer Success: The Third Growth Engine of Business and Why It is Vital for Your Business

Before starting with the details, let’s ask you a question: what do you think about the customer success program in regards to the success of your B2B company? If you are one of those business owners for whom the role of the customer success program is next to insignificant, you would want to stop and rethink about this. We are living in the 21st century where the customers have more choices than ever. Be it the brand of toothpaste to the brand of airlines- as a business owner, you have to struggle hard to get the desired attention if you want your brand to be successful.

These are the crucial times when the demand for the attention of the human beings is touching the sky; amid the noise of Netflix, Facebook, various podcasts, it isn’t the competitors that are competing against you. Well, this has made things easier for the entrepreneurs as the demands of the audience can be analyzed efficiently and easily and this gives you the power to cater to their needs effortlessly. In other words, there has never been such a surge on option, information and above all, possibilities.

This scenario has brought the businesses under a new and great pressure that calls for an outstanding sales team along with an excellent marketing team. But are they sufficient to cope up with this pressure? Sadly, the answer is no. Gone are the days when you used to rely on the yearly contracts with your loyal clients to ensure that you have a sustained growth. Why? For the past few years, there has been a great hike on customer acquisition, rather than business acquisition. Even if you have a list of loyal clients, it would be a foolish step to do nothing to ensure that your clients stay yours.

And that is why more and more businesses are paying close attention to customer success. Though a new trend, it is going to stay as another and most unique business growth opportunity. Albeit a comparatively new concept that many people are considering as ‘yet another business fad’, it definitely isn’t a fad or hype. The very root of B2B relationship building has the roots in success and this has been used as the major support for B2B marketing.

What is Customer Success?

Before going much further, let’s discuss what exactly customer success is and how one can define it. Customer success can be defined as the complete process of building, managing and nurturing the business relationships with your clients. The mission? To ensure that your clients reach the zenith of the success that would foster a strong bond between you and your client and would boost their loyalty towards your company and the brand.

Now, you would be wondering that this is something every company does, but most of the companies confuse customer success with customer care or support. Customer support is entirely different from customer success and the same concepts can’t be applied to both of them. Customer support can be defined as an integral function of the organization where the solutions of the problems raised by the customers are provided. It is very specific and reactive to a customer. On the other hand, customer success is a proactive concept and focuses upon the ultimate satisfaction and success of your clients by providing them the best worth of your product or service in which they invested.

The main focus of customer success lies upon the different growth opportunities with the pre-existing customers by making sure that they have a good brand experience, adoption of the product and a satisfying communication with the company. When all of this is done in a right manner, this can provide you some of the best opportunities for cross selling and upselling.

How To Make Your Customers Happy?

According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon, “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” Every business wants its customers to be the brand ambassadors of its brand and if it happens to you, consider yourself lucky. One of the best things that can happen to any business is genuinely delighted customers with a good review. According to one study, 73% of happy and satisfied customers recommend the specific brand to the others. Keeping these facts and figures in mind, we are going to discuss a few tips that would start your journey towards customer success.

  1. Create the Persona of a Perfect Buyer:

If you want to implement the program of customer success, the first thing that you need to do is to create the persona of hypothetical, ideal buyer through which you can easily understand the requirements, their lifestyle and how it affects the buying process. With the proper market research, you can also find the details about the likes and dislikes. Moreover, in this way, you can find out what ‘success’ means to them and work accordingly.

  1. Care for the Customers Before the Sales

You have to understand that the process of customer success is initiated way before a lead becomes your customer. You have to keep in mind the entire journey of your client and all the point of contacts they have with your company or business. Never focus on a single point or interaction as it is the whole experience of the customer with your brand that matters. Ensure that your entire organization is dedicated to provide the customer a wholesome positive experience.

  1. Ensure that All the Bases are Covered

Understand that a customer can engage with you and your business from different channels and platforms. He might be visiting your business website, checking your podcast or sharing your tweets. That is why it becomes necessary to give them a seamless and wonderful experience at all the platforms.

  1. Become the Go-To Resource for the Customers

One of the most important aspect of customer success is the various ways to make your clients successful. And for this, you need to become the resource of all kinds of information pertaining to the industry. The best way of doing this is to curate an online library where you have ample information in the form of FAQs, educational and informational blogs and vlogs and a chat option where you are easily accessible. 

  1. Keep Your Clients Educated

It is important for customer success that they should be regularly updated and educated about the different products and services of yours that are already present in the market and the ones that you are going to launch in the coming days. For this, you can always organize monthly webinar tutorials or seminars where you can release the new products and give your clients all the information regarding this same. This removes any kind of blocks that prevents the clients from using your product or service.

  1. Use Social Media

Your customers are everywhere and when everything is online, make the social media your ally and tap the customers from different social media platforms. Be proactive and become their friend rather than a seller. If a client posts anything about your brand, product or service, don’t forget to reply and thank them for the feedback, irrespective of the review.

The whole thing boils down to the point that the customer success can be witnessed as the creamy layer of the excellent customer support services. It is definitely the proactive process that pushes the customer experiences forward and ensure that they follow the path of the success in the future. With changing times, only those business houses and companies are going to thrive where they not only have an exceptional marketing and sales team, but also a well established customer success program.