Dig into the Bag of C2BPromo™ and Find The Top 5 Promotional Smartphone Accessories

Stagnancy is the one thing that every industry, irrespective of its size and revenue, worries about. It can be in any form: stagnancy in the products or services offered by the company, stagnancy in the marketing strategies, stagnancy in the R&D, etc. Now, as compared to all the other scenarios, stagnancy in the marketing strategies can really hit you hard as it is in direct association with your customer base. Eventually, this can have severe effects on your revenue size. To overcome such kind of stagnancy, rather spending money on the new marketing ideas, it is better to remold the old ones. How? Well, let us elaborate the answer for you.

One of the many promotional strategies that you might use for your product promotion is the distribution of promotional products. So, instead of looking for new, it is far more effective and budget friendly to give the old ones a new face. In other words, why not use the trends and implement them in your promotional products? Let us understand it in a better way. The one device that everybody uses and looks at every day, after every few minutes is their smartphone.

According to a study, the average number of times an individual touches his/her smartphone in one day is approximately 2,617. Now imagine the extent of brand exposure that you can tap when you’re your promotional product is attached to these phones! Most of the users want a product that they can see and would complement their smartphones and give them a whole new experience. And that is why C2BPromoTM has launched a whole range of promotional cell phone accessories that you can use as your next promotional product. Let us know more about these accessories.

  1. Custom Power Bank: One of the many phone accessories, power bank is the one that is definitely the need of the hour for almost all of us. These custom power banks are easily portable and one can take them out during any trip. So, in other words, power banks are your perfect trip companion. Whether you are going for a walk, vacations or a day trip, a power bank would ensure that your phone’s battery is always charged and you are always in the contact with the world.

custom power banks

  1. Promotional Phone Cases and Holders: Agreed that we love to have our phone in our hands, but there are certain situation when you simply can’t hold them. For example, when you are driving! Yeah, you can keep it on the dashboard, but what if you need the help of GPS? Here comes to your rescue the promotional phone cases and holders that easily snaps on the phone without losing the grip. With these holders, you can easily navigate with GPS, make a call or listen to music without fiddling with the phone.

card holder and wallet

  1. Promotional Smartphone Wallet: The revolutionary promotional card caddy smartphone wallet is relatively new in the family, but it is definitely taking the world by storm. This wallet can be easily attached to the back of your phone and can store a number of items such as your credit cards, cash, your DL, IDs and room keys as well. Moreover, with your company logo imprinted on them, you are going to get the benefit of enhanced brand exposure.

promotional econo silicone wallet

  1. Custom Wireless Chargers: Why to entangle yourself in the jumbled mess of wires when you have the luxury of using custom wireless chargers. These easy to customize wireless chargers are a new milestone in the world of tech promotional products and are currently the hot favorite.

custom wireless charger

Other than these, there are several promotional products available with C2BPromoTM that would complement almost all models and versions of smartphones. Give your marketing team rest and place order for your lot of promotional tech products right away.