Discover the Clever Offline B2B Marketing Strategies and Hacks to Link Them With the Online Ones

If you are an ardent follower of the latest marketing trends the business houses and global corporate world is following, you would be well aware of the fact that the revolutionary online marketing strategies have captured is the driving seat of all the marketing strategies, irrespective of the business niche. In the last five years, a lot has been changed in the marketing world as for most of the professional firms and companies, online marketing has not only become the center but front of all the marketing activities. Why? The answer is simple: as compared to the traditional mode of offline marketing, the online strategies are cost effective and can be quantified to measure the results. The steep rise of various online or so called digital marketing strategies may have outdone the traditional marketing strategies, but the question here that is worth asking is if the traditional marketing or offline marketing has gone obsolete?

Well, we asked same from the various marketing experts who are keeping a close eye on the changing scenes in the global marketing industry. According to them, these two different modes are incomplete without each other and it is almost impossible to gain the targets just with one. Moreover, these two modes overlap each other at several nodes, so it won’t be a surprise if you find the perfect mix of the two. The companies that go for the combination of both online and offline marketing strategies, maximize the utilization of all the marketing tools that creates an altogether different approach that has more chances of reaching the target audience. You would be perplexed to find large audience masses who are in need of your services, but aren’t approaching you as they haven’t seen your services online yet.

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With the help of several offline activities, you can check the direction of the winds, especially in B2B marketing where you don’t get a regular chance to come across to your target audience face to face. Now, you would be asking what are those offline marketing strategies that gel up perfectly with online marketing strategies. So, let us discuss some of these offline tactics.

Physical Branding

There are certain brands that simply stick in the mind, irrespective of what their competitors are doing. Such kind of popularity can only be gained with physical branding. We humans are highly visual and attention deficit in nature; combine both traits and we got the results: more than 90% of information that is processed by the brain is visual and for this you have the span of a mere 8 seconds. In other words, if you want your brand to stick in the brains of people, go visual and work fast. Now, when we are talking about the physical branding, you can always use various promotional products that offer your clients and customers high usability.

Networking and Sponsorships

It is not only the online social networking that pays off; the age old face to face connections and physical networking are still valuable and hold their charm till date. These can help you to drive the required traffic to your website where the potential users can learn about your brand, services and products and how you can further help them. Face to face networking is still a big time hit in B2B marketing as in this field, you don’t get the regular opportunities to meet your present clients and prospective ones as well. Some of the best ways of physical networking involve sponsorships, business expos, trade shows and business meetings.

Digital Signage

We are surrounded by digital signs, yet many businesses fail to harness the true power of these signages. According to the recent studies, the digital signage attracts 71% more attention as compared to the online ads. Well, that certainly is a huge number. If you have a physical presence in the form of a shopping store, office or even an event, these digital signages help to create a bond between you and the targeted audience. When it comes to the message that is conveyed through this medium, it is quite similar to that of various online marketing practices. For the content that can be played on the digital signage boards, you have a myriad of options such as images, videos, news, social media dashboards or company keynotes.

Guerilla Marketing

Experiential or guerilla marketing is one of the trending traditional marketing strategy among the companies all over the world. It includes devising various tactics to make your brand alive in the physical world that would not only surprise, but also delight your customers and the potential ones also in a good way. Here, the hidden clue is to detect the direction of the winds and devising a plan according to it. You can always use tactics such as promotional products such as custom T-shirts, promotional pens or coffee mugs as these can easily give you hoards of print media and electronic media coverage if complemented with a specific event. Most of the times guerilla marketing is neglected in B2B business, but people fail to understand the power that can be unleashed with this strategy.

Cold Calling

Whenever we discuss traditional marketing, nobody talks about cold calling, especially in B2B marketing. But why so? Cold calling is a great way to add a personal touch that can work wonders in case of potential customers. According to one recent survey, people incline more towards businesses that calls them on various events, rather than receiving emails for the same purpose. But just like the other strategies, there are several factors that can make or break the deal in case of cold calling.

Hacks to Integrate Offline B2B Marketing Strategies with the Online Marketing Strategies

Many people debate on the topic whether they should go for offline marketing strategies or online ones? Well, it is rather useless debate as both these strategies complement each other and can be used simultaneously to get the best of both worlds. How? Well, let’s discuss some of the examples to understand these hacks.

Trade Show and Social Media

One of the major examples of traditional offline marketing is the trade shows and business expos. Now, when you are participating in any trade show, you would want the maximum traffic to your booth, but how would you spread the message? Here comes the various social media networking websites into the frame. You can use their various tools to promote the event, telecast the event and then, can follow up as well.  With the help of social media, you can easily collect the contact details and engage people or start a survey as well.

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This is one of the many examples how you can integrate the offline and online B2B marketing strategies. When you will start finding the ways where you can engage the customers online and get them to reach you in offline, physical market, that would be the moment when you would be harnessing the true potential of the both. When the lines are getting blurred, what is stopping you? Devise new tactics and plans to use both offline and online marketing strategies and increase your revenue manifold.