Know About Ideal Holiday Gift Ideas According to Different Personalities

After months of hard work, long hours and countless meetings, we have reached the best time of the year, which is none other than the holiday season. These few weeks are all about forgetting, forgiving and thanking each other for their support and help. But the clocks are always ticking in the business world. This is the time when the final reports of the projects are created and the next appraisal cycles are discussed. Apart from this, commencement of the holiday season also brings the buzz of excitement of getting custom corporate gifts. Now as a company owner, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the words: holiday gifts for your clients and employees? We bet the answer would be apparels or coffee mugs for the employees and a hard bind journal along with a pen for the clients. But don’t you feel that for holiday seasons, these products have become redundant?

Well, after this you might be completely clueless as to what and how should you choose the gifts for your employees and clients. Don’t fret as you are at the right place. Today, we are going to talk about a unique way to select the holiday gifts for employees and clients. During the holiday season, everyone is anticipating a gift that is different and is useful to him/her. Yes, keeping this perspective in mind, you can opt for gifts such as tumblers and tote bags, but there won’t be anything special in them. What about going an extra mile this year for your employees and clients and giving them a beautiful and unique gift according to their personalities.

gifts for clients

Every individual in your office or associated with your business have their own individualistic styles and preferences. Obviously, it is impossible to go into such details, but you can classify your employees and clients into four different categories and then give them the gifts accordingly. These categories are as follows:

1 The Travelers

duffle bags

There would be many individuals in your office who travel a lot, be it business travels or personal travels. Also, it isn’t hard to find young employees for whom wanderlust is not less than a religion. For such ardent travelers, custom travel mugs, personalized duffle bags and custom power banks are ideal Christmas gifts.

2 The Creative Minds

fidget spinner with logo

Do you know anybody in your office whose notepads are full of funny faces and silly cartoons? Yeah, we are talking about the guy who always wear the graphic tee and is deep into animation. For such creative souls, the ideal gift would be fidget spinner toys and cute bobble head pens or talking pens that would inspire them to go an extra mile.

3 The Fighters

custom pens

While thinking about holiday gifts for clients and employees, you would find many individuals who are simply go getters. These individuals believe in doing things on time and would leave no stones unturned to make things work. For such individuals, the perfect gift would be a customized journal set and a beautifully engraved stylus pen along with a box of chocolates.

4 The Gym Freaks

gym shakers

Now, people are becoming more and more concerned about their health. There are people who can skip anything but their gym sessions. Or in the business meetings, you would have met an associate who simply loves his green tea and morning runs. For such health conscious souls, the ideal holiday gift would be gym duffle bags, gym shakers and digital fitness trackers.

Just like this, you can create several other categories and can easily select custom corporate gifts for your employees and clients. Now, all you need to do is visit C2BPromo and select the right product from the thousands of promotional products available with us.