Know the History and Some of the Amazing Uses of USB

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With the high prevalence of mobile technology in the business world, people are always in need of their laptops and other devices wherever they go. Even if a person isn’t carrying a laptop, he would definitely have a storage device with him not just to store the data, but also to transfer it from one system to another. When there is such kind of prevalence of these devices, considering custom USB drives as your next promotional product isn’t a bad idea at all.

usb flash drives

USBs and pen drives are something that we all have. Whether you are a student, business person or working at any profile, pen drive is something that you would definitely find in your laptop bag. But, how many of us know the history of these USB drives? Well, not many of us. SO, let us discuss a bit about the history of these much loved and popular storage device.



USB 1.0

In the year 1996, the world welcome the first generation of USB that was launched by an association of tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Telecom. This pen drive was initially known as USB 1.0. In the year 1998, IBM launched a better version that substituted the diskettes and named it as ThinkPad. Fact time: IBM doesn’t have the patent rights over ThinkPad as M-Systems was hired for this project by IBM and they have the patent rights till this date.

The first gen USBs were marketed in 4 different sizes which were 8Mb, 16Mb, 32Mb and 64Mb. People loved this product and it was further developed till the size of 256Mb. These products were commercialized by M-Systems under the name “Disgo”. And within a short span of time, several Chinese companies launched cheaper versions in the market.

USB 2.0

USB 2.0 are also known as second gen pen drives, but they failed to utilize their capacity, which was of 480Mb due to some technical limitations and specifications. As compared to the hard drives, these USBs were quite slower in corresponding within the same time. There were certain pen drives that could read data at the speed of 30Mb, but were able to write at only 15Mb. Though it was very slow, but a milestone was achieved at this speed when we compare it with the USB 1.0.

USB 3.0

The end of 2008 witnessed the announcement of the launch of the third gen of the pen drives in the form of USB 3.0, but they didn’t make an entry till 2010. This generation of pen drive is simply far better than its previous versions and literally, everybody welcome the changes. Moreover, these USBs are compatible with the USB 2.0 ports. The data transfer speed of USB 3.0 is 5Gb that was quite impressive. But there was a bit of a problem with this version: due to the limitations on the memory controllers, the whole interface capacity was not used. Keeping this in mind, several companies launched new memory controllers. The pendrives of third gen are highly used as storage devices and they are compatible with other devices also such as wireless mouses etc.

USB 4.0

This is the latest gen of USB drives that we are using. These work on much higher speed and can transfer the data with a speed of 10Gbps. Moreover, this gen has seen several other modifications such as a smaller size and the possibility of transferring 100 watts of energy. Well, this is something that we all are looking forward to.

So, all in all, this was the beautiful journey that personalized USB flash drives have covered till so far. Now, when you know the history of USB drives, why not making them a part of your own legacy?