National Nurses Week: Let’s Thank These Amazing Healthcare Professionals

In every profession or filed, there is a specific category of professionals who put the same or even more efforts, but usually their work and contribution goes unnoticed. And in this case, healthcare industry, especially the hospitals, is no exception. Whenever we visit the hospital, we meet two different categories of medical professionals: doctors and nurses. While we appreciate the efforts of the doctor, no one pays any attention to the nurses. But just think once and you would realize that nurses are the backbone of any hospital, clinic and nursing home. That is why to celebrate their undying efforts and to appreciate their constant support, National Nurses Week is celebrated all across the US.

The National Nurses Week commences from the birthday of Florence Nightingale, i.e. on 6th of May every year and lasts till 12th of May. It was first celebrated in the year 1954 and since then, this week is considered as the perfect opportunity to recognize the nurses who work during some of the most hectic hours of the day and spend the entire day, standing on their feet and tending to the needs of patients. Just like the other healthcare professionals, they have a major role in creating a healthy and fit society. And what better way to thank them than personalized gifts for nurses.

During this week, the hospitals and other medical constitutions appreciate the amazing levels of dedication of their nursing staff and the special touch that they include while helping the patients and the other medical professionals to deliver the best medical services. And if you are the owner of such a medical institution, give away nurses week promotional items that would make them feel cherished and special.

Moreover, you can also organize special events for the nurses such as check up camps, a day out or some fun competition events where you can hand out personalized gifts for nurses. Now, you would be wondering what all the products can be used as nurses week gifts for 2018 and where to get them from? Well, the answer is simple; C2BPromoTM is the place from where you can easily procure all these products. Let’s us discuss about the products that would make perfect nurses week giveaways.

  1. Stress Relievers: The nurses have some of the most strenuous work schedule where they have to work hard. Such kind of schedule and work environment can lead to stress. Thus, giving them custom stress relievers would not only be good for them, but also for your brand.

custom stress reliever

  1. Cool Nurse Pen: The cool nurse pen would instantly bring a smile on anybody’s face. These pens are something that every nurse would appreciate. This pen has a click on feature and sports a smiling face nurse with stethoscope around her neck on the top.

  1. Custom Coffee Mugs: The long working hours are impossible without the regular doses of caffeine. Thus, it isn’t surprising that most of the nurses simply love coffee. So, this makes the custom coffee mugs in the specific scrub green color the perfect choice as personalized gifts for nurses.

coffee mugs with logo

  1. Personalized Fleece Sweatshirts: Working during the long nights of winters can really take a toll on anybody, and nurses are no exception. So, why not take care of your nurses by gifting them personalized fleece sweatshirts. Moreover, you always have the flexibility to customize these sweatshirts with your brand name and logo.

personalized fleece sweatshirts

  1. Custom T-Shirt: If you are organizing any event for the nurses of your medical institution, go for the custom T-shirts as any event is incomplete without them. Apart from this, these custom promotional T-shirts make for one of the best nurses week promotional items.

custom t shirts

With that being said, these are some of the many products that you can use to thank and appreciate the constant efforts of the nurses.