Custom Power Bank

Introducing some of the Best Custom Power Banks Today

For those companies who are considering buying Custom Power Banks for your marketing campaign, here’s some important info for you from Since most people today own and use various kinds of gadgets such as smartphone, tablet, digital camera and mp3 player, portable chargers have quickly become in demand.

A gadget owner can spend about $40 when buying a power bank at a retail price. With this in mind, you or your company can be your client’s lifesaver by using promotional power banks as your giveaway to them. Since it’s customizable, your logo can be imprinted on the product and the recipients of your promotional gift will remember your brand every time they use it to charge their gadgets. You can even choose to imprint your contact info on the power banks so that the recipients or your clients can easily contact you.

So here are some of the best promotional power banks there is in the market today. From power banks with basic features to those that are more high tech.

  1. Promotional Portable Power Bank with Keychain (2200 mAh) – This power bank customized with your logo provides you with a compact charging solution for all types of devices. Its 2200mAh capacity gives you ample time to energize your battery while on the go. The colorful body of the charger is complemented by split-ring keychain, making it easily portable out on the road. The banks are very light and your potential customers are more likely to use the product you have branded. Thanks to our top notch design tool, you can easily include iconic images, company logos and messages to make your business be known. A very affordable product with a highly effective marketing potential.
  2. Metal Power Bank with Flashlight (4400 mAh) – This 4400mAh branded power bank serves as an ample backup energy source of your mobile devices. Not only that it serves you battery life, but also comes with a built-in flashlight. With this around, your customers will feel confident that they can survive those special circumstances. Thanks to its stylish curves and powerful features, your colleagues and clients will absolutely love this. Transform your power bank into an effective marketing material by placing your company name and logo with the help of our top notch design tool.
  3. Metal Slim Card Shaped Power Bank with Leather Case (3500mAh) – Another stylish metal power bank that offers 3500mAh capacity. This slim shaped power bank has a leather case, which gives a classy and elegant touch, perfect for corporate events and presentations. This power bank is perfect for customization since it has a bigger flat surface area for you to place your company logo and trademark.
  4. Promotional Power Bank Dual Output (8800 mAh) – This is a bigger, bolder and stronger customizable power bank that comes with an 8800mAh battery capacity. Lightweight compact and a perfect giveaway for your corporate events. This is the solution that meets the power hungry needs of every smartphone or tablet user. With its 8800 mAh power, it can fully charge your mobile devices up to 4 times! Its powerful features and beautiful curves make it a perfect marketing tool. It also has an amazing flat surface that makes it a perfect choice for imprints and customizations.
  5. 3 in 1 Power Bank Pen (1000 mAh) – Get this 3 in 1 power bank to impress your clients and associates. With this, they can have ball pen, stylus and a power bank in a single device, what a perfect daily companion! Make this as your souvenirs or giveaways on your next sales events, promotions and trade shows.

These are just some of them. Want more options? Then visit because there’s a lot more to see there when it comes to promotional products.