Promotional Products Canada

Promotional Products Canada: A Key Part of Company’s Marketing Strategy

Giving out promotional products in canada, such as the promotional items sold by, is one of the best marketing strategies to maximize brand exposure. As you can observe, almost every company today give away bags, pens and shirt with imprinted company logo. It’s even known to be a key part of a company’s advertising strategy as long as they are done right. So here are several tips when it comes to picking and using promotional products for your company.

  1. Items that you can Give Away – There are a lot of promotional items which are available today and here are some very good examples:

   Power Bank

   USB Drive

   Web Key


   Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Logo – This is an essential part of your promotional item. Putting your company logo as well as your company’s contact info on the product so that your clients will remember your company and they can contact you easily.
  2. Choosing an Item through Environmental Targeting – This is another tip that will aid you on choosing the ideal item that you should give away to your clients. For example, if your company is about technology, then you could give out flash drives and power banks. It’s advisable to choose a promotional giveaway that’s related to your business.
  3. Go for Long-Term Usable Items – Choose a promotional product which can be used over and over for a long period of time. In other words, go for a pen instead of sticky notes or an imprinted pad.
  4. Variety – If possible, you can have a variety of promotional items so that your clients or customers will have more options. Maybe they need a pen more or a flash drive perhaps. This thoughtful gesture might even give a good impression to them and they will think that your company cares for them.

Why Give Away Promotional Products?

When giving a promotional item to your clients, this will most probably set up an expectation that leads them to doing business with you. Also, promotional giveaway is a pretty good “ice breaker”. This may help in starting up a conversation and who knows, this might cause a business conversation between you and a potential client.

During business events such as trade shows and marketing campaigns, nothing beats free stuff if you want to get attention fast and easy. Several surveys have even proved that companies who give away items gain more traffic compared to those who do not.

Other than advertising your company, promotional giveaways are also used as a reward or a gift to your loyal customers to let them know that even though they’re already a regular customer, you still notice them. This will give them a better reason to stay as a proud customer of your company.

Bottom line, a business giveaway is somehow a “share of wealth” and it’s a simple way of increasing your advertising impact that doesn’t require much effort on your part. Giving away stuff is a good thing as long as they are done the right way. Come to think of it, the money you spent from buying promotional items can be returned to you many times over.