Promotional Selfie Sticks

Apple Won’t Allow the Use of Selfie Sticks During the WWDC Event

When it comes to promotional selfie sticks, one of the best sources to look for updates or news is the WWDC and one of the best sites to buy is However, for this year, WWDC is going to have some changes regarding this particular promotional product and Apple is the reason why.

This is because of the rule included in the WWDC Attendance policy that’s no selfie sticks! After the request that nobody will take any audiovisual or audio recordings during the event, Apple has dropped a big bomb on everyone who’s going to be in the event and this is the “no selfie stick” rule.

Aside from that, selfie sticks and other kinds of monopods are also not allowed within Yerba Buena and Moscone West Gardens.

In addition, wearable recording devices are not allowed inside where the conference is going to be held. This is most likely because a certain device from their competitor which is the Google Glass. Though the selfie stick rule might be a certain extension of the policy of the Yerba Bueno, they said that this is likely for the good of everyone.

How? Well, no views will be blocked by those poles or nobody will be accidentally whacked on the head by a device on a rod. Furthermore, nobody will be tempted to take the risk of whipping their own selfie pole in public.

All in all, this may not be a bad idea at all. At first, people may think that Apple’s doing a bad thing but looking at some of the reasons mentioned above, this is quite reasonable. Anyway, you have the freedom to use your selfie pole elsewhere. Just not in the place where the WWDC event is.