Personalized Selfie Stick

Using a Personalized Selfie Stick from Someone’s Perspective

Personalized selfie stick is more than just an item or a picture taking tool and you can gain more info about it on Some say that it’s a personal statement or a lifestyle choice and every picture signals individualism.

Today, you can see that people don’t consume content on their phones anymore because most of them feel compelled in creating one. They actually create content based on how they consume it. Alone and isolated.

According to certain people, selfie sticks don’t capture moments but they help in creating snapshots from a certain point of view. The context and narrative don’t matter anymore and that need of self projection just overshadows it.

Every selfie picture taken with the use of a selfie stick looks almost exactly the same. It’s like a line of content that people privately consume just within the comfort zone. Whenever and however they want to.

Today, people are not compelled to tell a story anymore but they want to create, share and gain quick feedback on the snapshots of their lives. Selfie sticks don’t build narratives but it makes fragmented photos of individualism and people who own it hope for likes.

There’s no story to tell and no significant memories. These are just pictures which are taken the way that people feel comfortable. Stories are important because our brain loves a memorable, fantastic and a very good story. When there’s a story, it becomes more active.

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