Selfie Stick Promotional Item

Selfie Stick Promotional Item News: Finally Sold for $29,100

Selfie stick promotional item is getting more and more popular these days even in the online industry and one great example is For the past several years, the domain name has been on sale. It hasn’t gained much attention until just recently when it was sold in auction for $29,100 at Namejet.

There were about 3 bidders who tried bidding over $19,000 for this auction. Other than that, there were about 78 bidders who backordered this particular domain name. Based on the domain name’s current expiration date, this domain name was a private domain name which was put to auction instead of the usual domain names that are regularly seen at NameJet.

Based on the info of the domain name, it was created on December 10, 2013. So this is a pretty solid flip on a hand domain name. According to the domain name statistics, there’s only a few registered domain names that has a price of 5 figures like has within just a few years of their creation so, a big congratulations to the seller!


Selfie sticks have really become one of the modern trends for the past few years until today. For those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s a tool that you can use to take selfie pictures away from you with the use of your phone as the camera. This allows for a better self portrait and a wider photo range.  

Today, there are a lot of selfie sticks with different designs and companies are even using them as promotional items because of its extreme popularity. Take a look at and you’ll find several kinds of selfie stick promotional item there.

Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer of This just proves that it still possible for people to flip hand registered domain names for a lot money!

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