Top 4 Features Of Promotional MopTopper™ Stylus Pen With Screen Cleaner

A MopTopper Pen With Company Logo is a useful item that carries your brand name around for a healthy promotional campaign. The promotional moptopper is a handy product to have for your marketing needs. These pens serve well to the business firms looking to push themselves ahead of the competitors. Promotional MopTopper Stylus Pen supports a unique look that is loved and adored by both kids and the adults alike. This cute little fella is a perfect giveaway item using at your trade show event or at conventions. Enhancing the power of your brand name, these promotional products offers a greater business reach for the firms.

C2BPromo™ offers a quality Promotional MopTopper™ Stylus Pen with Screen Cleaner attached to enhance your brand repertoire. The product serves a dual purpose of being used as a stylus as well as a screen cleaner. So, it provides a dual exposure to the brand and can easily cater a lot of attention if the right marketing strategy is used. With so many attractive colors to choose from, these Custom MopTopper Stylus Pen are a paradise for school children’s who would love to get their hands on it. The best thing about these promotional items is that they last for a long while. So, you can actually think about retaining the customers for a longer period of time.

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There are many key features that make these stylish moptoppers the one to shop for. Some of those premium features are enlisted below:

  1. Quality Build – The Imprinted MopTopper Stylus Pen is a handy product made up of ABS plastic and has a click-action ballpoint. The pen is built in such a manner that it serves the customer for a long time to come. Durability is one of the key factors you’ll find inside these stylish moptopper pens.
  2. Soft-Silicone Tip – The touchscreen of a smartphone is quite sensitive and prone to scratches or external damage. Promotional MopTopper Stylus Pen at C2BPromo™ comes equipped with a soft-silicone tip that enables the user to use it as a stylus without scratching the screen.
  3. A Smiley Face – A smiley face on top of these pens makes it an adorable product which is always good for promotion. Nobody wants that same old product that humans have been using for ages. Handing something that is unique and worth sharing adds a greater value altogether. So, a smiley face on top of these stylus pens adds a fun element that attracts people attention.
  4. Long Lasting Microfiber Hair – The Promotional Stylus Pen with your company logo holds a greater brand penetration power for the business firms. The durable microfiber hair attached for cleaning the mobile screen is something that is quite useful and attractive to look at.

C2BPromo™ is a well-renowned custom marketing platform that sells a wide range of Custom MopTopper Stylus Pen at the lowest possible rates. Check out these premium moptopper pens and imprint your company logo on these spacious items for handing them out as a giveaway product. These pens have the power to reach a wider audience and are seriously great for children’s who would love to show these moptoppers to their friends. The products are truly great to serve your true purpose of marketing your brand name and reach wide & far. Pink. Blue, red, purple there is an extensive range of these moptoppers available for you to shop from. So, what are you waiting for? Give a potential boost to your marketing campaign by shopping for these quality MopTopper Pens With Company Logo. Our brand experts are ready to help you craft your beautiful logo or design on the product for garnering maximum attention.