Ways to use personalized pens to market your business!!!

Christmas is round the corner and you all must be cleaning your homes and offices to get ready for the festive season. When we are cleaning the mess, then the one thing that we all will certainly find at the back of the drawers is personalized pens. Even if the world is going digital, the fun of writing can never be replaced by the keyboards and still people just love to collect pens that impress them. We all have a set of promotional pens at our home, which we got in a fair, at any amusement park, at a restaurant, free with any food item or may be in school, college or office.

If you are not sure what are these personalized pens are, then let me tell you they are the ones that are imprinted with the company’s name, logo or any contact details. The custom stylus pens are useful for any business and their versatility and universal nature make them more favorable for business. The reason that marketing is very effective with promotional pens is because of the fact that they work. We need pens in our daily life; now the personalized pens have become too common that you don’t even need to buy new ones, you will eventually get them.

custom stylus pens

Promotional pens are functional products and they are useful for both the recipient and the brand that is promoting their business. You must remember that every time your current or potential customers use your custom stylus pens, your brand is being advertised without any billboard.

So, don’t think and get your customers what they need while also getting what you want. There is no better way to advertise your brand. Let’s discuss some of the ways to make use of the personalized pens to make your company’s marketing strategy a success.

  • Event giveaways: Your own logo printed pen can be a perfect giveaway at the events or in the trade shows; the reason is that they are extremely affordable and compact. There’s no doubt that you can actually purchase some hundreds or thousands of pens without exceeding your budget.
  • Restaurant staff pens: You can ask any employee of the restaurants, they will tell you that customers tend to take pen with them. This is the reason why the workers have to carry a dozen of them in their apron during any given shift. If you are currently running a restaurant, then why not give your wait staff some logo printed pens, your customers will take your pen away while writing a review or while signing the credit card receipt. This will gain you repeated marketing impressions for months to come. May be friends of your customers will ask them, from where they got such a good pen. By giving personalized pens instead of asking them to bring their own will show your employees that you care about them. And yes, there will be no other custom pens of your competitors with your employees and customers.
  • Health care promo items: Personalized pens can be very practical and portable for the doctors, technicians and nurses, who will use them throughout the day. This will let you offer constant brand exposure in the health care settings. In a busy doctor’s office, you need pens for the patient to fill the forms and you yourself need to write the prescription. That is why, big medical companies or hospitals invests in good quality promotional pens.
  • Non-profit fundraising: When you include personalized pens in your fundraising campaigns, then you are actually making a smart move. Due to their portability and slim size, they are the right choice for direct mail.

Do you know any other ways to use personalized pens or custom stylus pens to promote business and services? If yes, then use them to market your business in an effective way.