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Promotional & Personalized Action Cameras with Your Logo

Personalized Action Camera | Custom Action Camera | Promotional & Branded with logo

There is a common saying: ‘A picture is worth thousand words!’ Then, in this case, what about the worth of cameras that freeze the moments for us forever. They must cost hundreds of bucks. Well, let us burst the bubble for you as now you can easily get Personalized Action Cameras from C2BPRomos in just a few dollars. Just imagine the kind of impact such Promotional Action Cameras would have on your employees and clients. It is always beneficial to use such giveaways that one can use in daily life.


These Custom Action Cameras aren’t like the other advertising giveaways or merchandise that be thrown away or easily forgotten, which means brand retention for longer time. This is a gift that will keep on giving back!

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  1. Full 1080P HD WiFi Action Camera

    Full 1080P HD WiFi Action Camera

    SKU# TSAC008

    Improve your stand and seize the day by having this Promotional Full 1080P HD WiFi Action Camera your primary corporate give away. Place your logo and unleash your potential as the best company out there.

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  2. Ultra HD 4K WiFi Action Camera with Dual Screens

    Ultra HD 4K WiFi Action Camera with Dual Screens

    SKU# TSAC007

    Get this Action packed Promotional Ultra HD 4K WiFi Action Camera with Dual Screens fully packed with amazing features from storage to quality pictures and videos and with the bonus of dual screen. This corporate give away will take the extraordinary at the palm of your hands.

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  3. 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action camera

    4K Ultra HD WiFi Action camera

    SKU# TSAC006

    Best moments are worth capturing! This amazing corporate give away is certainly what your clients needed to capture their best moments with your company. Share them your amazing stories in clear 4K Ultra high definition with this Personalized 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action camera. It only awaits your logo.

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  4. Action Camera 1080P Full HD

    Action Camera 1080P Full HD

    SKU# TSAC005

    Customize this Promotional Action Camera 1080P Full HD with your logo; reward your customers and employees with this wonderful gift. Truly your choice of promotional gift that is suitable for any occasion, sports and day to day activities the merits wonderful moments.

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  5. 360 degree Panoramic Action Camera

    360 degree Panoramic Action Camera

    SKU# TSAC004

    Now, you can make your clients and employees excited by gifting them this Branded 360-degree Panoramic Action Camera, which can be easily customized with your brand name and logo.

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  6. 1080P WiFi Action Camera

    1080P WiFi Action Camera

    SKU# TSAC003

    Branded Full HD 1080 Wi-Fi Action Camera is provided with ample printable area to imprint your brand name and logo. It is a perfect corporate gift for patrons, which they will definitely adore. They can make clear videos with video recording resolution of 1080P, 30FPS, 720P, and 60FPS.

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  7. VGA Action Camera-30 meters Waterproof

    VGA Action Camera-30 meters Waterproof

    SKU# TSAC002

    If your promotional campaign for your business is in need of a product that can become the perfect corporate gift for your clients, then look no further than the VGA Action Camera! With a trendy look and functionality at its peak, it will be a favorite amongst the masses and advertise your business perfectly.

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  8. HD Action Camera - 30 meters Waterproof

    HD Action Camera - 30 meters Waterproof

    SKU# TSAC001

    Debonair, practical, and contemporary in its appearance and function alike; the HD Action Camera is the perfect product if you are looking to augment your promotional campaign to another level with a customized corporate gift!

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About Action Cameras

Everyone is into action cameras now a day; this is the newest trend in the market capturing every moment possible. Everyone loves it as everyone loves to share. We now have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. where people can post their exceptional experiences as no other camera phone can capture high speed movement except for Promotional Action Cameras. There are now a lot of casual users to professional users. There is a big chunk of market niche in this industry and it has also been a primary gadget for extreme sports thus the demand has always been consistently rising.


 It’s a great opportunity to invest in this promotional material as most of the big companies are doing so. Providing the latest technologies to your customers surely does create brand crusaders which in fact is one of the benefits of engaging into promotional materials. But of course, one would want to create a long lasting impression to their customers.


The Promotional Action Camera is now considered as one of the best investment to put your personalized logo because this is the newest trend in the technology product line for promotional product industry.


It’s always a cool thing to have your logo on a Personalized Action Camera for the reason that it is widely placed onto skateboards, bikes, helmets, surfboards and a lot more. People are born with natural curiosity and therefore, the first thing that they would look into is a new gadget and from that gadget is your personalized logo. Everywhere the user will go; your company’s logo will always be there for others to see. Then again, these Branded Action Camera with logo are used professionally and casually therefore it is taken to every major event there is; practically you’re advertising to those events for free. has always been ahead in securing the needs of our clients for promotional products. We have placed in high quality Custom Action Camera at a factory price so that businesses can take advantage of this new trend in the promotional product industry. We placed in affordable but durable HD720P, 1080P, Ultra HD 4K to 360 Panoramic Logoed Action Camera into our product lines for you to choose from. We always want to make sure that we get you covered all the leading promotional products and not to be left behind. So don’t wait anymore get a piece of that market pie and be the visionary company you are supposed to be.