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Custom, Promotional and Branded Fitness Tracker, Activity Trackers & Smart Watches

Promotional Custom Fitness Tracker | Branded Activity Tracker with Logo

Usually, there is one person in every office who loves to talk about his/her gym sessions and how good it feels to burn out those extra kilos in gyms? Every time you hear them talking, you go on a long guilt trip about the flabs of fat you have around your tummy and waist. Well, we are not saying that you should hit the gym like him and start working out. But now you can take care of your health with C2BPromo’s Custom Fitness Trackers.


Moreover, you can get these gadgets customized Promotional Fitness Trackers and distribute them among your clients or employees. After all, they are your most valuable assets and you don’t want them to fall sick. With the help of Branded Fitness Trackers with Logo, you clients and employees can cherish their relationship with your company while keeping a check on their health.

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About Fitness Trackers, Smart Watches

Have you ever thought of using Activity Trackers and Smart Watches or Promotional Fitness Trackers something more than gadgets that are used to track the health parameters? What if we tell you that now these gadgets serve the dual purpose of monitoring health as well as promoting your brand? Yes, it is true. Now you can customize these gadgets and give them your own logo and color with C2BPromo. If you track the daily routine of yours’ or your employees, you will find that they are spending most of time in office. And similar is the case with your clients. So, why not send them a token of gratitude in the form of Promotional Fitness Trackers with the logo and tag line of your company.


Right now—all over the world, companies are looking to grow their brands in the most compelling and engaging ways possible. The truth is—though all the ways through which you can advertise and market your brand are effective; no method fosters bigger sales or creates brand dedication faster than genuine word of mouth. That’s why C2BPromo has made a name for itself by customizing promotional products, corporate giveaways and business gifts such as Branded Fitness Trackers, Promotional Activity Trackers and Smart Watches to make sure that each person in your company can be an advocate of your brand.


When it’s time to get your brand out there in front of other active, healthy, and forward minded customers, you need C2BPromo’s Custom Fitness Trackers. This fashionable, waterproof wristband provides extra functionality to your Smartphone and your workout and health statistics. With this product you can enjoy Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, navigate through your music playlist, take pictures via a remote control feature, or even find your phone using a ‘find mobile’ function. Best of all, the battery lasts 5 to 7 days, encouraging users to wear it out again and again and again.


Now, while your employees or customers walk, run and improve their health, they’ll be marketing your brand. You can start with 100 bands, which will be shipped in 14 days by C2BPromo. The time to act is now with Promotional Fitness Tracker that will be perfect to promote fitness among your partners, employees and clientele.


Go online to C2BPromo and check out the selection of Custom Fitness Trackers—and picture your logo and brand getting the exposure you need to leverage more clients than ever before, today!