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Custom Corporate Gifts, Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients $10 - $25

How much do you think your brand promotion would cost? A plethora of organizations around the world spend millions of dollars just to create a buzz around the market regarding their associated products. But, to be fair you can create a similar effect from your brand promotion with the help of custom corporate gifts $10 - $25. These personalized corporate gifts are a handy marketing product that is certainly affordable. Moreover, these top picked items are popular executive gifts, Christmas Gifts for Employees, Corporate Holiday Gifts for Clients. They are the daily usable items that make them easy to be remembered. At C2BPromo, custom corporate gifts $10 - $25 cover a whole new range of customized giveaways such as Gadgets, Bags, Drinkware, Pens & writing, Apparels, and much more under the price tag.

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  1. Personalized Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier with Color-Changing LED Light for Home and Office
  2. Personalized Wood Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser for Aromatherapy in Car, Home and Office
  3. Full Color Printed Phone Holder Bluetooth Speaker with Suction Cups

    Full Color Printed Phone Holder Bluetooth Speaker with Suction Cups

    SKU# TPBS069

    This Full Color Custom Printed Phone Holder Bluetooth Speaker with Suction Cups is creating such fuzz in the promotion industry whereas it is seen as a perfect companion of smartphones. It is designed in a perfect angle with grip tight suction cups to hold your phone while the Bluetooth speaker plays your songs from your phone. This a very promising promotional item fitted for your logo. 

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  4. Full Aluminum Alloy Metal Portable 5W Bluetooth Speaker

    Full Aluminum Alloy Metal Portable 5W Bluetooth Speaker

    SKU# TPBS068

    Let’s be real! This is Custom Branded Full Aluminum Alloy Metal Portable 5W Bluetooth Speaker is beyond comparable. This is the greatest corporate gift you can give to your employees, customers and clients. Packed with 1200mAh power and great sound makes this a lovable Bluetooth speaker, just perfectly designed for you and your company!

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  5. Metal Bluetooth Speaker with Your Logo

    Metal Bluetooth Speaker with Your Logo

    SKU# TPBS067

    Such great design reveals its power quality and unique design that will be greatly appreciated by all those who will receive this. This Custom Metal Bluetooth Speaker with Your Logo has a rich filled sound quality making it the best choice for your promotional give away in any of your event. This is the perfect fit for all occasions.

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  6. VGA Action Camera-30 meters Waterproof

    VGA Action Camera-30 meters Waterproof

    SKU# TSAC002

    If your promotional campaign for your business is in need of a product that can become the perfect corporate gift for your clients, then look no further than the VGA Action Camera! With a trendy look and functionality at its peak, it will be a favorite amongst the masses and advertise your business perfectly.

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  7. HD Action Camera - 30 meters Waterproof

    HD Action Camera - 30 meters Waterproof

    SKU# TSAC001

    Debonair, practical, and contemporary in its appearance and function alike; the HD Action Camera is the perfect product if you are looking to augment your promotional campaign to another level with a customized corporate gift!

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About Corporate Gifts $10-$25

Appreciating your valued customers, as well as hard-working employees, can be easily done through the help of custom corporate gifts $10 - $25. From handy pen stylus to bags and apparels, your brand name can be imprinted on each and every one of these corporate holiday gifts for clients & employees, without spending more than $25 on each giveaway. This means that promoting your brand name is not as costly as you may think. Moreover, it is one of the effective marketing strategies to use these personalized corporate gifts for effective brand promotion.


In addition to this, the variety of options of Christmas Gifts for Employees and Clients that come under $25 is huge. So, even if you want a handy apparel or an attractive technological item, C2BPromo is there for you. With  custom corporate gifts $10 - $25, your clients or employees would love these personalized corporate gifts with your imprinted logo. Gifting these customized products would send them a direct message that the organization cares for its employees. This may well result in a productive environment that would translate into effective sales and business growth.


Apart from this, when you reward your employees or esteemed customers with these custom corporate gifts $10 - $25 then the morale would certainly get boosted. These individuals would continue using your brand products and happily promote your brand among other people. This means that by getting an ultimate Christmas gifts for employees and clients that costs less than $25, you will earn the loyalty of your customers for a lifetime.


At C2BPromo, the brand consultants and branding experts have enough experience to help you choose the best custom corporate gifts $10 - $25 in case you are unsure about the selection. So, if you wish for a brand penetration power that lasts longer, start shopping today.


If you are confused about what to buy, then don’t worry, we will surely help you in selecting the best type of corporae holiday gifts for clients. And yes, you must atke advantage of festive season, at this time you will serve two aims from one single gesture. Your employees will be happy to get cool holiday gifts for employees and also the people out there will came to know about your products and services through executive gifts.


So, if you are convinced, then you can explore various corporate gifts for clients at C2BPromo as per your choice. Customize your gifts by adding your own innovation, as giving your takeaways a personal touch will always impress your clients and employees both. Products with the engraved name and logo of your company will never go unnoticed in public and people will certainly get motivated to buy your products.


This approach will provide you fruitful results and your clients, business partners and employees will be pleased. Buy and try on your own, how your sales will increase by getting Christmas gifts for employees.