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Custom Corporate Gifts, Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients above $50

With C2BPromo, you get a whole new range of Personalized Corporate Gifts for Clients & Employees above $50, that are the ideal Executive Gifts to woo your customers, employees or business associates. With a price range of over $50, there is no limit to what you can possibly gift. From a branded 360 degrees camera to the exclusive smart watches, the list is endless. Moreover, by imprinting these corporate holiday gifts above $50 with your brand logo, you certainly make a case for effective brand promotion.

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  1. Carhartt® Signature 18 Can Cooler with Can Holders
  2. Ultra Portable Compact Highback Chair
  3. Smart Wifi Video Doorbell
  4. TWS Portable Copper Vac Insulated Bottle 20oz
  5. Wifi Smart Power Strip with USB Output
  6. High Sierra Underseat Luggage - 18" H X 8" W X 12" D
  7. Cutter & Buck® 20" Bainbridge Executive Duffel - 10" H X 9.75" W X 20" D
  8. Cutter & Buck® Bainbridge Slim 20" Duffel - 10.25" H X 9" W X 20" D
  9. Thule GoPack 28" Cargo Duffel - 6" H X 15" W X 28" D
  10. High Sierra® Kennesaw 24" Sport Duffel - 12.75" H X 12" W X 24" D
  11. High Sierra® 24" Crunk Cross Sport Duffel Bag - 12" H X 24" W X 12" D
  12. Arctic Zone® Titan Deep Freeze® 20 Can Cooler - 13" H X 9.5" W X 11.5" D
  13. Cutter & Buck Executive Backpack - 18" H X 7" W X 12" D
  14. Cutter & Buck Slim 15" Computer Backpack - 17.5" H X 5" W X 12" D
  15. Wenger Outlook 17" Computer Backpack - 19.5" H X 7" W X 13" D
  16. Wenger Pro II 17" Computer Backpack - 17" H X 6" W X 12" D
  17. Wenger Origins 15" Computer Backpack - 18.5" H X 6" W X 12" D
  18. Wenger Odyssey Pro-Check 17" Computer Backpack - 18.5" H X 7" W X 13" D
  19. Wenger Pro 17 " Computer Backpack - 18" H X 7" W X 13" D
  20. Wenger Pro Check 17" Computer Backpack - 18.5" H X 6" W X 12" D
  21. High Sierra Fly-By 17" Computer Backpack - 18" H X 7.5" W X 12" D
  22. Zoom Node Wireless Charging 15" Computer Backpack - 18" H X 6" W X 12" D
  23. elleven Arc TSA 15" Computer Backpack - 19" H X 7" W X 13" D
  24. ifidelity True Wireless Bluetooth Earb
  25. Wenger Express 15" Computer Backpack - 18.75" H X 7.75" W X 13" D
  26. Wenger Mega 17" Computer Backpack - 17.5" H X 8.75" W X 15" D
  27. High Sierra Overtime Fly-By 17" Computer Backpack - 19.5" H X 13" W X 9.5" D
  28. High Sierra Elite Fly-By 17" Computer Backpack - 19.5" H X 10" W X 13.5" D
  29. High Sierra Swerve 17" Computer Backpack - 19" H X 13" W X 8.5" D
  30. Polk Boom Swimmer Duo

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About Corporate Gifts Above $50

Gifting your employees or loyal customers something they can’t find anywhere else. With such premium quality personalized corporate gifts that range over $50, you are sending a direct message to the receiver on how important and precious these individuals are to the firm. By presenting these prestigious corporate holiday gifts or custom corporate gifts above $50 to the clients you are providing them with something that will remain special to them forever. No matter where they are, as long as they are using this precious item they will constantly remember the individuals who gifted them these products in the form of Christmas gifts for employees. This makes them loyal to the brand and helps spread the word around wherever they go. Hence, attracting, even more, customers and adding prospective buyers.


By gifting these custom corporate gifts above $50, you show your clients that they mean more to you than just another profiting individual. This makes them feel privileged and announces their loyalty to the organization. These personalized items put the best impression forward. Moreover, having your loyal customers or clients promote the brand on your behalf is definitely not something that you can put a price tag on. Thus, gifting these corporate holiday gifts even if it costs a little extra is beneficial to the corporate.


In addition to this, C2BPromo offers the help of highly qualified and experienced brand consultants to help you choose which gift would fit best for the firm and then imprint your logo accordingly. These brand experts can also assist you the best office gift ideas or creating your own unique brand logo for imprinting purposes if you need help. So, by adding these custom corporate gifts above $50 to your christmas gifts for employees you are creating an effective marketings strategy that may prove vital in times to come.


C2BPromo offers you the best holiday gifts for employees that range above $50 to make a mark in people’s heart. With over dozens of customizable products and items to pick and choose from, C2BPromo is rightfully considered as the No.1 Factory Direct Custom marketing platform online.


At C2BPromo, we are happy to present ourselves as one of the primary executive gifting company. Our extensive range of corporate gifts for clients and employees will be enough to create a desirbable brand image. If you too are searching for some unique personalized corporate gifts, then we can proffer you the products that you need, from bathrobe to customized pens, all possible custom corporate gifts are available at our site and. Your search for some amazing corporate gifts for clients will end at C2BPromo.


We are one of the most profound high quality executive gifts provider. So, instead of going for simple gifts, why not choose something distinctive and one of a kind. Also, our gifts will no provide an aesthetic appeal, but will be functional enough that the one who is getting them feels privileged.


Don’t wait and checkout our amazing collection of corporate holiday gifts now.