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Custom Pen Gift Sets, Corporate Gift Pens

Become the witness of somebody’s success story by gifting them Personalized Pen Sets. There are certain things that affect your personality just like the way you present yourself or carry yourself when you are in an office environment. Among such things, pens are of utmost importance. Though a small thing, but pens can leave a lasting impression on the other person. Because of this reason, C2BPromo offers its client Custom Pen Sets that can be sent as a gift to your loyal and valuable client and also to the employees who are doing exceptionally well in the workplace. Browse through the extensive collection of C2BPromo that showcases various Custom Pen Gift Sets and Corporate Gift Pens that can be exclusively tailored according to your needs. 

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  1. The Brass Co. Osiris Pen Set
  2. The Brass Co. Alpha Pen Set
  3. The Brass Co. Orleans Pen Set
  4. Cutter & Buck Empire Stylus Pen Set
  5. The Brass Co. Pratt Set
  6. The Brass Co. Striation Pen Set
  7. Luxe Tactical Grip Stylus Pen Set
  8. Wenger® Executive Refillable Notebook Bundle Set - 10.37" H X 7.62" D
  9. Eco Color Bound JournalBook Bundle Set - 8.5" H X 0.55" W X 5.67" D
  10. Siena Heathered Bound JournalBook™ Bundle Set - 8.46" H X 0.59" W X 5.7" D
  11. 6" x 8.5" Crown Journal with Pen-Stylus - 8.25" H X 5.75" W
  12. 5" x 7" Eco Spiral Notebook with Pen - 7" H X 5.125" W
  13. Budget Jotter W/Pen - 3" w x 5.5" h x 0.75" d
  14. Eco Recycled Jotter - 3" w x 5" h x .25" d
  15. Digital Camo Jotter - 3" w x 5" h x .25" d
  16. Contrast Paperboard Eco Journal - 5.5" w x 7.125" h x .5" d
  17. Spiral Notebook With Pen - 5.75" w x 7.125" h x .5" d
  18. Ecoshapes™ Recycled Die Cut NoteBook: Globe - 5.875" w x 7" h x .5" d
  19. SwanKy™ Scrubs Junior Writing Pad With Stethoscope Pen - 4.875" w x 7.75" h
  20. Clear-View Notebook with Pen - 5"w x 7"h x 1/4"d
  21. Clear-View Jotter Notebook with Pen - 3.375"w x 4.125"h x 0.25"d
  22. Celebrate America Kit
  23. Eco Stowaway Sticky Jotter Botebook with Pen - 4-1/8"w x 3"h x 1/4"d
  24. Doctor Notebook/Pen Combo - 5.5"w x 7"h x 0.25"d
  25. Pocket  Eco-Notebook Combo - 3"w x 5"h
  26. MopTopper™ Pen & Notebook Set - 6"w x 7"h x 0.787"d
  27. MopTopper™ Nurse Combo Pen

    MopTopper™ Nurse Combo Pen

    SKU# C2BPD080

    Who would not love a cute Moptopper as a present? This MopTopper™ Nurse Combo Pen does have it all from pen, a stethoscope not working obviously, a mobile device in a pocket resistant bag makes it a perfect promotional item your staff and customers would love to have.

    Learn More
  28. Eco Easy Notebook/Pen Combo - 5"w x 7"h x 0.5"d
  29. Stowaway Pen/Journal Notebook Set - 6"w x 7"h x 0.5"d
  30. Stone Paper Spiral Notebook with Pen Combo - 5.5"w x 7"h

Items 1 to 30 of 51 total

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About Pen Gift Sets

Let us ask you an interesting question: how often you are scribbling down important points in a meeting? Well, let us guess; the answer would be- quite often. Then in such cases, pens are something that you can’t afford to leave anywhere or go to a meeting without it. Personalized Pen Sets are one accessory that would be there all the time, even when you are at home. This factor makes them one of the best promotional gifts. They are easy to carry and customize.


Now if you want some kind of distinction or difference from the usual pen sets, you can always go for Custom Pen Sets with Your Logo. Our distinguished range of Custom Pen Gift Sets and Corporate Gift Pens showcases the most sought after quality that people seek in performance while writing. Our sets are appropriate for both personal as well as official use. Our pen sets speak about their quality and unique craftsmanship and portray an amazing impression on the other people surrounding you. All these pen sets come with a beautifully designed box that can be personalized according to your requirements. We can get your company image or logo on the top lid of the pen box.


You are a personality to be reckoned with and so are your valuable clients. In other words, a single signature of yours or theirs can change the course of the whole business. If your signature carries such worth, then you need Personalized Pen Sets with Your Logo displaying your power and authority. Apart from all this, C2BPromo offers you the flexibility to give Custom Pen Sets a royal touch.  You can choose the satin metal barrel to give the pens an extremely sleek look. This gives the receiver of such pen sets a royal feel.


Also, you can make Promotional Pen Sets quite sophisticated by adding exclusive crafted joint rings, nib portion and other elements to the pen sets. We have a wide collection of hues to choose from. Whenever you are selecting colors for Corporate Gift Pens, it is always advi9sed to go for colors like maroon, navy blue, brown or black as these colors portray royalty.


With such a wide range, C2BPromo has something for everyone. So, this time there is any event or you want to send some best wishes or season’s greetings to your clients, why not team it up with a beautiful Custom Pen Gift Sets.