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Custom Executive Pens

As a businessman, you might have to attend numerous business meetings, conferences, business events and what not. Now, apart from your overall personality, one thing that adds up to the whole charm is the pen you are using. So why not go for a pen that is capable to do justice with suited and groomed personality of yours. With that said, similar is the case with your clients, vendors and associates. This opens a whole new arena of promotional merchandise that includes Custom Executive Pens by C2BPromo in shiny metallic body. With us, you can avail a wide range of Personalized Executive Pens collection that simply look regal in your chest pocket. These Custom Pens are the true representative of your business and brand. 

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  1. The Brass Co. Osiris Pen Set
  2. The Brass Co. Alpha Pen Set
  3. The Brass Co. Orleans Pen Set
  4. Cutter & Buck Empire Stylus Pen Set
  5. The Brass Co. Pratt Set
  6. The Brass Co. Striation Pen Set
  7. Luxe Tactical Grip Stylus Pen Set
  8. The Brass Co. Osiris Ballpoint
  9. The Brass Co. Osiris Roller Ball
  10. The Brass Co. Alpha Ballpoint
  11. The Brass Co. Alpha Roller Ball
  12. The Brass Co. Orleans Ballpoint
  13. The Brass Co. Orleans Roller Ball
  14. Cutter & Buck Empire Ballpoint
  15. Cutter & Buck Empire Roller Ball
  16. The Brass Co. Pratt Ballpoint
  17. The Brass Co. Pratt Roller Ball
  18. The Brass Co. Statement Ballpoint
  19. The Brass Co. Striation Ballpoint
  20. The Brass Co. Striation Roller Ball
  21. Luxe Tactical Grip Roller Ball
  22. Cutter & Buck Executive Pen Set
  23. Cutter & Buck Regal Pen Set
  24. Cutter & Buck Executive Ballpoint
  25. Cutter & Buck Executive Roller Ball
  26. Cutter & Buck Regal Ballpoint
  27. Cutter & Buck Regal Roller Ball
  28. Executive Stylus Light Pen

    Executive Stylus Light Pen

    SKU# C2BPD069

    1. Aluminum ballpoint stylus pen with flashlight

    2. Soft silicone stylus for use with touchscreen devices

    3. Ink Cartridge : Black, medium point

    4. Packaging : Gift Box

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  29. Ballpoint Pen with Woven Steel Barrel

    Ballpoint Pen with Woven Steel Barrel

    SKU# C2BPD060

    1. Twist-action metal ballpoint pen with woven steel lower barrel and color lacquered upper barrel


    2. Made of aluminum, steel, brass and iron


    3. Ink Cartridge : Black, medium point


    4. Packaging : Two-Piece Gift Box

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  30. Twist-Action Carbon Fiber Pen

    Twist-Action Carbon Fiber Pen

    SKU# C2BPD057

    1. Twist-action aluminum and brass ballpoint pen     


    2. Ink Cartridge: Black, medium point


    3.Packaging: Tuck-in Gift Box 

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Items 1 to 30 of 37 total

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About Executive Pens

You have just crossed a major milestone that you were working hard for! Moments like these are the best times to appreciate the hard work of your team and employees, the constant support of your vendors and associates and last but not the least, the unfaltered loyalty of your clients. And the best way to appreciate all of them is to gift them an item that simply looks royal and would become a testimony of your never ending relation. Something like Custom Executive Pens from C2BPromo.


The Personzlied Executive Pens are simply an elegant gift that portrays the saga of your success. At C2BPromo, we understand what it takes to reach the zenith you were seeking, that is why our customized executive pens are crafted, keeping in mind the reputation of you, your company and brand. Apart from all these, in case there is a big event coming up, let’s say your corporate anniversary, then, what about teaming up with the invitation cards with beautiful personalized cards and sending them to your top clients and associates. These Custom Pens are not only easy on pocket, but also the most practical gift.


These functional pens are the mirror image of your brand and with your company logo printed on them, they are the ideal representative of your brand. These are simply timeless beauties that every recipient would cherish and appreciate. Companies that enjoy the customer loyalty, understand the fact that appreciation from customers as well as employees matters a lot. Including a beautiful, metal body, engraved customized Executive Pens in the appreciation gift or award of the employees would double the worth of the reward and recognition.


If you are a lawyer, then you can gift these Personalized Executive Pens to your clients who are there with you for years. Similarly, if you are a banker, then you can use these executive pens as the gift on the eve of the commencement of the new financial year along with a customized journal or diary that would make a great combination.


Now, let’s address the elephant in the room! How would you order these Custom Executive Pens from C2BPromo. All you need to do is select the design and the type of the executive pens and select colors from the available pallet. Let us know the quantity and delivery date. In case, you want to add any logo or brand name, send us the designs or simply ask our expert designing team. That’s it! Your consignment will be at your doorsteps at the exact date.