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Custom Printed Paper Webkeys

Paper Webkey | Custom Printed & Promotional Paper Webkey

A website is the online personality of your business that showcases your business, products, services and what not. But with the kind of schedule everybody is keeping these days, expecting somebody to search for your business online is a far fetched dream. What if you give them url of your business that only need plugging in the laptop? Yes, we are not kidding; with Custom Printed Paper Webkeys available with C2BPromo, you can easily provide the required data to your prospective clients, vendors as well as newly joined staff. With their wide surface area, Promotional Paper Webkey is the ideal promotional merchandise to get your message delivered among masses. You can order your consignment of customized Paper Webkeys with C2BPromo, the No. 1 Factory-Direct Custom Platform. 

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About Paper Webkeys

If you own a business, you know how important it is to target potential customers online. Of course, promotional products are one of the best ways to bring customers to your online presence because repeated use of the product encourages further research into your business. However, the Custom Printed Paper Webkeys offered by C2BPromo are an even more reliable, more direct way of bringing attention to your online business. The Promotional Paper Webkeys consist of a paper card portion and a USB plug that inserts into a computer’s USB port. Once a potential customer plugs in the web key that they have received, they will be taken to the preloaded URL or website of your choosing. This provides an unrivaled level of direct and rapid access to your online business.


These Promotional Paper Webkeys can ideally be considered as the bridge between print media and digital media. This is one of the most innovative promotional merchandise ever developed. Withe the kind of functionality it holds, Paper Webkey has become the ultimate choice of promotional merchandise among the pharmaceutical industry, banking and other financial institutions. Unlike other promotional items including pens, lanyards, USB Flash drive, you don’t get much flexibility when it comes to the printing of the desired information. But here, it is completely opposite. With the large paper surface area, you can easily get the company’s name, logo, services, tag line and contact information printed on the webkey.


Furthermore, the ability of your business to choose any URL or website means that you can pinpoint any aspect of your business you want; be it a particular product, service, or statistic. The custom promotional product you receive is further enhanced through the customization of the paper card portion of the web key. Thanks to the large area, our customers can select visuals, texts, and colors that are prominently featured and stand out to potential customers. Not only does the web key provide online promotion, but the physical promotional product itself also advertises your business. Of course, C2BPromo offers the number one online custom design tool as voted by consumers to our customers for use when creating marketing products. We are also proud to offer free shipping on our Paper Webkeys, as with all of our products. We are confident that our Promotional Web Keys provide a unique way to enter the market and look forward to working with you soon.