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Custom Wireless Chargers, Promotional Wireless Charging Mats & Pads

The next big thing in the promotional industry is the promotional wireless charger. The evolution of this technology is limitless and can go beyond our imagination. Today is the perfect timing and opportunity to take advantage of this newest human innovation; while it’s hot and very attractive to the market. Promotional wireless chargers are making a big scene right now and it is literally very difficult to ignore   on how it is changing and shaping the world today.


Custom wireless charging pads and custom wireless charging mats are becoming the newest trend in promotional campaign of big companies around the world. They know what is necessary and needed and they saw the potential of success and better exposure from these custom wireless chargers.


Use custom wireless charging pad and custom wireless charging mat as your corporate gift. Improve the productivity of your employees and make your clients and customers happy with this all new custom wireless charger.

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About Wireless Chargers

As of October 2017 the human population has exponentially increased to 7.6 billion according to Wikipedia and by 2020 human population with mobile phones would have increased to 69% of the total population according to Cisco. If you can picture out, people will be shifting from traditional chargers to wireless in those years to come. This is the fact and this is inevitable. Expect that a custom wireless charger will soon soar high in the next months to come. The demand for this type of product now is relatively high.


Wireless chargers with logo have a greater effect in terms of exposure. Every time someone will need to charge their smart phone they won’t have any other choice but see your company logo first.  A wireless charger with logo makes more sense than any other promotional item. Would you agree? Perhaps this would enlighten you. The need for this personalized wireless charging pad is bigger than any other item. This is not just something that people would need occasionally but this is something they would have to have in their everyday living.


Imagine a wireless charging pad with logo of your company printed on top of it, every household that owns a smart phone or tablet or any other devices built for this would see your company logo from morning until they sleep at night. When they wake up, let’s face it they would be picking their smart phone on those wireless charging pads with logo. Before they sleep it’s the same thing all over again, they will need to place their smart phone on those personalized wireless charging pads. The bottom line is that there is no escaping to this.


It is inevitable that future is being shaped by this wireless technology. Soon everything would become wireless. This is the very reason that most big companies are now engaging and riding the popularity of this personalized wireless charger. Wouldn’t you want to ride the tide as well? I bet you would.


Let me guess, one of your fear is perhaps the price. Is it expensive? Oh yes it is! It could range from 50-300 dollars if purchased outside. But with, how could you say no to a price of just 3-4 dollars. C2bPromo specializes in promotional items that we are able to trim the price to meet the needs of our customers. Now you can own personalized wireless chargers for as low as 3-4 dollars.


Promotional wireless charging pads are now within the palm of your hands.  You can now begin to revolutionize your marketing campaign with the use of promotional wireless charging pad. Make it your own! Make your logo a part of people’s lives!  Give them as gifts or rewards to your employees for their loyalty and productivity. Better yet use them as promotional give away for your events and trade shows because they can be a good anchor to entice people of what you offer.


The success story of promotional wireless charging mat are now piling up due to the fact that we are now in our way to the advance digital age. If you let your company behind and miss this opportunity! Then you might not be able to get much of the marketing pie. Wireless charging mats with logo is your best choice for promotional gift and there is no doubt about it.


These promotional wireless charging mats is so convenient to users. They won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge their smart phones anymore. The issues of getting tripped over the cable wires will soon be over, thanks to your company.  The issues of worn out end frays  that most of the time lead to hot temperament can be  will soon be gone. Who do you think people will thank at the end? It’s definitely not the personalized wireless charging mat. It is no other than your company they will thank because it is your logo printed on it!


In we assure you that printing is our expertise. Our experience from over 22 years in this industry molded us to perfect our craft well. Your logo from these personalized wireless charging mats is guaranteed to be neat, clear, accurate and precise of color. So choose your wireless charger and we will make these wireless charging mats with logo more than what you expected!


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