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This FAQ page assists customers with any questions they may have regarding our products, policies, terminology, costs, etc.


To help save time for both our users and ourselves, we have listed the most regularly asked questions below with comprehensive answers. Please feel free to look through these and hopefully the information we have provided will help solve any questions. However, if you do not find what you are looking for below, do not hesitate to use any of our customer care services which include Live Chat, Online Question Submission, or e-mail for more private matters. We value each and every customer and we promise to be available to communicate with all our customers.



What is Factory Direct?

Buying Factory Direct means that you are purchasing items or products straight from the manufacturer. Normally, consumers would not only need to pay enough to cover the shipping costs between manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers but also enough so that these manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers actually earn profit. However, with C2BPromo, you are essentially eliminating these other factors by purchasing directly from the designers/producers and therefore, you save money.

Traditional Method:

Designer/Manufacturer -> Distributor -> Wholesaler -> Retailer -> You

Factory Direct:

Designer/Manufacturer -> C2BPromo -> YOU

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Does your Free Shipping Policy have any limits?

As long as the Package Delivery Companies we use such as UPS, FedEx, etc. serve your area, we can and will ship any order, large or small, to any part of the world completely free of charge.

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How do we pay C2BPromo?

We accept many credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay us by Wire Transfer and PayPal. Our PayPal account is

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Why should I pick C2BPromo? What sets C2BPromo apart from its competitors?

At C2BPromo, we genuinely value our customers. We strive to address any and all your questions, concerns, and issues and we are always looking forward to receiving your input. We offer numerous ways to contact us including the Live Chat, Ask Question Service, and categorized e-mail addresses to help you receive the best information possible. We want you to be a part of every step of the process. Our Design Tool, which is seamlessly incorporated right on our website, allows you to control exactly what you want your promotional products to look like. With the help of our Parcel Services (UPS, FedEx) we offer complimentary Order Tracking so you know exactly where your order is at any given moment. With C2BPromo, your wish is our command.
Our private connections with manufacturers and producers allow us to price our products extremely competitively. We offer Factory Direct prices, free sampling, free eProofs, and even free Artwork Assistance for those who need it. Finally, our shipping is completely free: No fine print. No hidden costs. No minimum spending amount. Just free.

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How much would it cost to upload artwork onto C2BPromo?

Not a single cent. After creating your free account with C2BPromo and logging in, you have the ability to upload as much artwork as you want.

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What file format should I use for the artwork I upload onto C2BPromo?

As a professional business, we ask that you format your artwork in a vector format, with either an .ai or .eps extention. If you do not know how to do this, our team can convert most other file types such as high resolution .tff, .tif, .jpg, or .png files into proper vector format.

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What file formats cannot be uploaded onto C2BPromo?

We strongly encourage you to use high resolution artwork above 300 dpi. If .jpg, .gif, or Bitmap image files are submitted to us without meeting the 300 dpi requirement, we will be unable to imprint such artwork onto the actual promotional product due to low quality. Unfortunately, we do not accept any photos, artwork in word processing program files (.docx), or any CorelDraw, Freehand, Pagemaker, Publisher, and QuarkXpress files. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our inquiry team via email.

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What are Vector and Raster files?


These files are the file types we prefer. They are often used by file types with extensions such as .pdf, .ps, .ai, and .wmf. Although these files are usually larger in size than raster-based images, they use x and y coordinates to form images and so that if you were to zoom in on one of these images, it would never become blurry because there are no individual pixels.


Also known as Bitmap Images, these images use individual pixels put together with their own specific color to create an image.  If you were to zoom in on one of these images, you would eventually see the individual pixels. These common file extensions, .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp, signify that the image is raster-based.

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What imprinting techniques does C2BPromo offer?

We offer a large variety of different ways to imprint our promotional products but please keep in mind that not all items are suitable for all these styles of imprinting.

We offer:

a) Deboss: creating permanent, visible indentation on the surface of a material

b) Emboss: the opposite of debossing; to create a permanently raised area on an otherwise flat material

c) Embroidery: using computer software to recreate an image or design in a way that the machine stitch onto a material

d) Foil Stamp: using a foil resin to form an image or design onto a material by applying heat and pressure

e) Heat Transfer: using a machine controlling both heat and pressure to thermally print an image or design onto a material

f) Laser Engraving: using a powerful computer guided laser to burn small indentations into material forming an image or design

g) Pad Print: using a flexible silicon pad to transfer ink permanently onto a surface, usually a 3D one with curves and bends

h) Screen Print: using a mesh to print, with ink, a design or image onto a surface

i) Spot Color Printing: used for more complex designs or images, this technique involves mixing colors to produce the vast spectrum of colors required by the design or image

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What are examples of artwork that are not appropriate for the embroidery imprinting technique?

Each type of fabric is unique and this causes the amount of detail the embroidery imprinting technique offers to vary. Since embroidery requires the use of threading to create images or designs, small details are usually considered not appropriate for this specific imprinting style.

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What fonts are offered by C2BPromo?

If the font exists, we will be able to use it. If you require a particular font, either send us your image file in the correct vector format or send us a file with that font file.

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Does C2BPromo recognize the PMS colors?

Yes. Please specify what color you would like for us to use on your promotional products by either selecting one of the preset colors or specifying the correct PMS code.

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