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Custom Gym, Sports Bags, and Personalized Duffle Bags

Head to the Gym in style with Personalized Duffle Bags, Custom Gym bags and Sport Bags! These bags serve a dual purpose of ensuring that the brand logo garners the attention it deserves alongside carrying Gym equipment.


C2BPromo is the No.1 Factory Direct Custom Platform that provides Personalized Duffle Bags, Custom Duffle Bags, Custom Gym, Sports Bags at the lowest price. Carry your tote bag to the gym, to home after work or even to your kid’s soccer session. Your brand or logo imprinted on the custom bags will surely catch people’s eyes. Isn’t that you are looking for? Getting an attention will help to spread the word about your brand and draw potential customers. These custom bags are built to win points among viewers and clients alike.

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  1. Heathered Rolling Duffel - 13.5" H X 25.5" W X 12.5" D
  2. Voyage 22" Sport Duffel - 13" H X 22" W X 9.75" D
  3. Cutter & Buck® 20" Bainbridge Executive Duffel - 10" H X 9.75" W X 20" D
  4. Cutter & Buck® Bainbridge Slim 20" Duffel - 10.25" H X 9" W X 20" D
  5. Cutter & Buck® 19" Cotton Weekender Duffel - 14.5" H X 11" W X 19" D
  6. Thule GoPack 28" Cargo Duffel - 6" H X 15" W X 28" D
  7. High Sierra® Kennesaw 24" Sport Duffel - 12.75" H X 12" W X 24" D
  8. High Sierra® 24" Crunk Cross Sport Duffel Bag - 12" H X 24" W X 12" D
  9. Crew 23" Graphite Sport Duffel - 13" H X 9.5" W X 23" D
  10. Triad 19" Sport Duffel - 10" H X 8.75" W X 19" D
  11. Merchant & Craft Sawyer 18" Duffel - 10" H X 8.5" W X 18" D
  12. elleven™ Arc 21" Travel Duffel - 12" H X 9" W X 21.5" D
  13. Graphite 21" Weekender Duffel Bag - 10.5" H X 9.5" W X 21" D
  14. Budget Barrel Duffel Bag - 18" W x 10" DIA.
  15. Getaway Duffel Bag - 17.5"w x 10.2"h x 11.8"d

    Getaway Duffel Bag - 17.5"w x 10.2"h x 11.8"d

    SKU# C2BB0022

    With adjustable shoulder strap, this Branded Getaway Duffle Bag is ideal for your small weekend vacations that charge you up for the coming week. 

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  16. 12 oz. Cotton Canvas Duffel Bag - 22"w x 10"dia

    12 oz. Cotton Canvas Duffel Bag - 22"w x 10"dia

    SKU# C2BB0021

    Custom 12 oz. Cotton Canvas Duffel Bag is exactly what you are searching for. Ideal for travelling, this promotional item cater to the requirements of large audience and you can easily get the message printed. 

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  17. Porter Duffel Bag - 20”w x 11.5”h x 9”d

    Porter Duffel Bag - 20”w x 11.5”h x 9”d

    SKU# C2BB0019

    Whenever you are searching for the perfect promotional item that complements your travelling lifestyle, then Custom Porter Duffel Bag is the ideal gift. 

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  18. Diamond Duffel Bag - 17"w x 12.5"h x 10.25"d

    Diamond Duffel Bag - 17"w x 12.5"h x 10.25"d

    SKU# C2BB0014

    Going out for weekend? Then, why to carry the whole suitcase, when Branded Diamond Duffle Bag is there t suit all your needs. Gift it to your clients and they will take your brand name with them wherever they will travel.

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  19. Strand™ Snow Canvas Duffel Bag - 19"w x 10.5"h x 10"d

    Strand™ Snow Canvas Duffel Bag - 19"w x 10.5"h x 10"d

    SKU# C2BB0012

    Are you looking for a canvas bag that will suit the personalities of cool, young employees of your office? Then, Branded Strand Snow Canvas Duffel Bag is the product that you need.

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  20. 600D Budget Duffel Bag -  23.75"w x 13.25"dia

    600D Budget Duffel Bag - 23.75"w x 13.25"dia

    SKU# C2BB0002

    Are you looking for a promotional item that is budget friendly, yet caters to a large audience base? Then, end your search with Custom 600D Budget Duffel. 

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  21. Ultimate Sport Duffel Bag - 9.5"w x 3.75"h

    Ultimate Sport Duffel Bag - 9.5"w x 3.75"h

    SKU# C2BB0001

    Your dedication to a particular sport not only keeps you fit, but also young. Then, why not complement your personality with Custom Ultimate Sport Duffle that is just as strong as you are.

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21 Item(s)

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About Duffle Bags & Gym Bags

The best thing about Duffle bags is that you can carry all your equipment in a single bag without having to worry about leaving anything behind. Personalized Duffle Bags provide you the comfort of carrying your accessories while on the move. Everyone loves to travel and visit places hence the use of custom bags becomes imminent.


Personalized Duffle bags serve as a great branded item for any business or industry whether your customers are using this bag for a weekend getaway or heading to gym. C2BPromo is the leading e-commerce web portal that provides customized products and personalized items with your brand logo at lowest prices. With unbeatable Customer support and experienced brand consultants, C2BPromo takes pride in helping you expand your business in the market.


If your company deals in handling potential client calls or provide such related services, then these custom duffle bags can serve as a great medium for carrying the samples or sales documents while making your brand stand out. These custom bags can also be used as a giveaway gifts for VIP customers, business related events, or even athletic teams.

Promotional products such as Personalized Duffle bags are one of the most effective ways to promote your brand while helping consumers carry their personalized items with themselves.


With a wide range of bag materials to choose from, C2BPromo can help you find your perfect custom bag that will become your go-to everyday bag. Explore branded getaway to branded diamond duffle bag or pick one of the custom styled gears from a selective range of personalized duffle bags.


Create your own custom design to imprint on your personalized gym bags & custom duffle bags or make a selection from one of the preferred custom templates. The brand consultants at C2BPromo are equipped to help you get exactly what you want. These consultants have enough experience to assist you to make your brand heard among commoners and marketers alike.


Promotional products can be quiet irritating if they do not serve the purpose they were meant to. At C2BPromo, enough thought is given towards providing quality checkups so that the product will leave an everlasting impression on the user. So, if you are looking to provide an everyday product to the consumers that they can use on a daily basis then look no further than the personalized duffle bags at C2BPromo.


Get it ordered from C2BPromo and reach out to potential customers today!