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Metal USB Drive 1GB

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Silver 877


1. Interface Type USB 2.0 which is universal among computers and laptops so you want have to worry about compatibility.


2. Reading Speed is 8-16M/S which is relatively fast when opening important details especially during meetings at the office or presentation.


3. Writing Speed is 3-8M/S which is unbelievably fast when saving such important files and documents. It works well also when transferring files.


4. The style is very simple and fashionable thus it contributes greatly to your elegance.


5. Store important documents up to 1 GB. This has lots of room to add your data.


6. Suitable for studying, meeting, presentation, business negotiation and many more.


7. Has a key hole so you won’t lose this and you won’t even misplace this.


8. Has a Packing of white box.


9. Built with toughness due to its metal make body.


10. Shipping is free when you order.

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