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Wristband Strap USB 16 GB

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Available colors

Green 368 2x

Reflex Blue

Black 4 2x

Red 1852 2x

Yellow 2x


- A portable device that will allow your customers to physically transport data from place to place. 

- With the Flexible USB strap, the silicone strap is literally flexible as it can twist and bend but also flexible in terms of its functions. It can double as a phone strap, key ring, and even attach onto bags, belts, and suitcases.

- By attaching on to larger, more important items, the chances that this USB will be left behind are significantly reduced.

- Don’t worry about damaging the USB head; when this USB is in its closed loop position, the silicone acts as a shield, protecting against an exterior abrasion.

- Not only does the silicone material allow for the strap to be very flexible, it is also very durable and can carry your promotional message or business logo on it.

- At the size of an average smart phone, 16 GB is the largest memory size for many USB drives.

- The strap comes in 5 colors, blue, red, green, yellow, and black.

- Choose which color will best suit your business, decide how you want the product to look like with the built in Design Tool.

- Order now! Your customers will be happy to know that your business is just as flexible as the Flexible USB Strap!

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