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Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, C2BPromo explains the methods we use to collect information regarding our site’s visitors and customers, how this information is utilized to best serve you, how this information is safeguarded, and what rights you as the customer hold. Please keep in mind that we take client confidentiality and security very seriously so all information we collect from you will not be distributed or shared in anyway. All decisions made by C2BPromo consider and are held accountable to the C2BPromo Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. Usage of this website implies that you acknowledge the rules set out by both the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We retain the right to, at any given moment, revise this Privacy Policy. If it is our visitors and customers wish, we will gladly notify them of any and every change to this Privacy Policy.


Collected Information
If you are interested in creating an account on C2BPromo, it is mandatory for you to supply us with certain information during the application process. Visitors who do not purchase from C2BPromo are not obligated to create such accounts but information such as Internet Protocol Address(es) and Time/Date of visit(s) will be recorded to help us cater to your specific needs. Those who do register with us will be prompted to provide basic personal, contact, account, and financial information including name, address, e-mail account, phone number, username, password, and credit card number. A separate section for Additional Information is provided but completion of this section is not mandatory. Again, your privacy is important. We guarantee that all the information we collect from you will not be shared or distributed in anyway.


HTTP Cookies
A cookie is a small file that almost all websites, including, issue for storage on a user’s computer. Cookies encode data which helps us identify who our visitor or customer is by storing information such as navigational behaviors on and login activities. Clients have the option to not store or even remove such cookies but doing so will limit how we can best cater toward your needs.


Third Party Sites
Our website,, may contain links to other websites. We are not accountable for the content they may publish, the ideas they may promote, their advertisements, etc. Users must understand that they browse at their own risk. It is their (the users’) duty to protect their private information and to read and agree with the other websites’ Terms of Usage and/or Privacy Policy. We will not be responsible for the decisions you make beyond this website.


As a legitimate business, C2BPromo has several security features set in place to ensure that our visitor and customer information is kept confidential and safe. These include:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) by Norton Secured

This is a system which encrypts data for transfer and exchange over the internet and a shared cipher is needed to decrypt such data. Each new session introduces a new encryption algorithm and cipher, providing secure communication between parties.

  • Captcha

This is a picture with distorted text and numbers which is used to determine actual human users from “bot” users. The purpose of a Captcha is to identify programs attempting to use C2BPromo’ services with malicious intent.


Certification from Major Credit Companies such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard
This will ensure that your credit card number and private information will be used for business purposes only and that your information will not be shared with any external parties.


Account System
By creating your own account with a personal password, customers do not need to go through the process of reentering all of their information in addition to having a secure place to store their information.


Editing Information
As the customer, you have the right to all of the information you supplied regarding your account.This information may be edited in the Account Settings option.


Additional Information
If you have any questions pertaining to this Privacy Policy, please be sure to visit our FAQ page or communicate with us through the contact us page.