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Custom & Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

Promotional Bluetooth Speaker | Branded Custom Bluetooth Speakers with Logo

Everyone loves to hear their favorite playlist all the time, especially with friends! Just a couple of years ago, you would have to worry about connecting audio wires from your phone to speakers. But today, however, you have the luxury to listen to your music with your friends on basically anywhere without the trouble of wires. Welcome the new breed of Bluetooth portable speakers ready to quench your thirst for loud and vibrant music wherever you go!


A great technology corporate gift can be universally used with most of the iPhones, smartphones, tablets & more. Having stunning sound and modern design, these promotional Bluetooth speakers are not those products that will end up lying in the drawer. C2BPromo has a variety of Branded Custom Bluetooth speakers with logo options and you can choose them as per your desire. 

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  1. Candle Light Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Bright BeBop Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Light Up Logo Bluetooth Speaker
  5. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa
  6. Metal Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charging Pad
  7. Stick-On Stand Bluetooth Speaker
  8. Wells Waterproof Outdoor Speaker
  9. Lantern Light Up Bluetooth Speaker
  10. Dorne Aluminum Bluetooth Speaker
  11. Jack Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charging Pad
  12. Jill Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Powerbank
  13. Bond Outdoor Waterproof Pairing Speakers
  14. Blare Bluetooth Speaker 15" Computer Backpack - 18" H X 5.5" W X 11" D
  15. Ditty Bluetooth Speaker w/ Micro Cloth
  16. Whammo Bluetooth Speaker
  17. Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker
  18. Seneca Bluetooth Wooden Speaker
  19. Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
  20. Jabba Bluetooth Speaker
  21. Brick Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  22. Woven Fabric Bluetooth Speaker
  23. Stark Bluetooth Speaker
  24. Polk Boom Swimmer Duo
  25. Polk Boom Swimmer JR
  26. Shae Fabric and Wood Bluetooth Speaker
  27. Fortune Fabric Bluetooth Speaker
  28. Bluetooth Solo Speaker
  29. Arctic Zone® Titan Deep Freeze® Speaker Cooler - 12" H X 10.5" W X 15" D
  30. 21 Oz. Copolyester Plastic Wireless Speaker Bottle

Items 1 to 30 of 61 total

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About Bluetooth Speakers

Now imagine all your customers having the luxury of owning your portable Bluetooth speaker in their own hands! Thanks to you, they will be proud to carry your brand wherever they go. With these Promotional Bluetooth Speakers, you can share your kind of groove and sometimes music with your friends, family, and passerby! And we are still at the tip of the iceberg! Gift your client's something that speaks volumes. Custom Bluetooth speaker always comes in fancy designs with customizable shapes as a perfect promotional speaker. C2BPromo makes sure you get the best! Now with your Bluetooth speaker with logo printed on several sides, this product is just easy to notice! They say it’s all about brand recognition, but a Bluetooth speaker promotional item is all about brand recognition and music combined!


At C2B Promo, you can get custom branded Bluetooth speakers with logo in a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes having innumerable features. Don’t get fooled by the compact size as they will certainly get the brand attention you desire. Custom branded Bluetooth speakers with logo are amazing gadgets that make a cool company perk while helping you enhance your promotional campaigns. C2BPromo is renowned for plugging your business imagery into our unique speaker designs and start to turn your marketing initiatives right away!


Furthermore, your clients won’t be tired of using this product. Anyone, you know got tired of music? Right, none. If you are having doubts on which promotional products to choose, then you should consider these cool promo products: Logo Speakers. Branded Bluetooth speakers that come in various designs having affordable deals, your clients will certainly fall in love with it.


For maximum brand exposure, turn the volume up with the promotional portable Bluetooth speaker. With these inimitable promotional products, C2BPromo makes sure your marketing message is clearly heard. Speakers can be used as gift, giveaways or incentives to employees, staff or your clients.


Pump up the volume on your brand promotion with uniquely imprinted promotional Bluetooth speakers. Your clients can get the party started at home or on the go with these amazing speakers that share the best beat.


C2BPromo has a great selection of compact speakers so that you can carry the music wherever you go. Your customers can effortlessly keep their custom branded Bluetooth speakers with logo anywhere they want to, giving your business double exposure. If you are looking for unmatched ways to amplify your marketing campaign, consider C2BPromo’s Promotional Bluetooth Speaker that will certainly impress your clients.