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Promotional Power Banks, Custom Portable Chargers with Logos

Promotional Power Banks | Custom, Branded & Personalized Portable chargers

To match all your promotional needs, C2BPromo provides guaranteed promotional products.  The customized Custom Power Banks, Promotional, Branded & Personalized Portable Chargers are the perfect marketing tool. Business promotion with tech savvy Promotional Power Banks help you create an eye-catching image among the customers. The designs, quality, material & style of the Custom Branded Power Banks & Personalized Portable Chargers serve as a portable promotional handy giveaway to market your brand & appreciate your staff.


The high-quality Promotional Power Banks with logo guarantee your business success. To get a free simple, browse our collection & check out the Custom Branded & Personalized Portable Chargers to make a great travel accessory with your company’s logo.  To create a great image of your business in the eyes of your customers, connect C2BPromo & give your business promotions a boost. 

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  1. Parallax 4000 Wireless Powerbank w/ 2-in-1 Cable
  2. Cast 4000 mAh Light Up Power Bank w/2-in-1 Cable
  3. UL Listed Light Up Qi Wireless 10000 Power Bank
  4. Jill Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Powerbank
  5. UL Listed Elec 4400 mAh Power Bank
  6. Jinn Rubber Coated 2200 mAh Power Bank
  7. Galaxy 5000 mAh Wireless Powerbank with Cables
  8. Zippy Slim Dual 4,000 mAh Power Bank
  9. Oomph Value 2,000 mAh Power Bank
  10. Sleek Aluminum 4,000 mAh Power Bank
  11. Edge 2,000 Power Bank
  12. Pep 4,000 mAh Power Bank
  13. High Sierra® Falcon Solar 10000 mAh Power Bank
  14. Rut 2,000 mAh Power Bank
  15. Spare 10000 mAh Power Bank
  16. Relay 20000 mAh Power Bank
  17. UL Listed Resistor Power Bank with Power Check - 4000mAh
  18. Slim Ion 2,500 mAh Power Bank
  19. Vault 6,600 mAh Power Bank with LED Flashlight
  20. UL Listed Jolt 2,200 mAh Power Bank
  21. Mega Vault 8,800 mAh Power Bank
  22. Ambassador Power Gift Set
  23. Mini Power Bank Charger W/Led Light & Micro Usb Cable Wrist Strap - 2200mAh (UL Certified)
  24. Portable Metal Power Bank Charger With Led Display - 2200mAh (UL Certified)
  25. Suction Base Power Bank Charger Device Stand - 2200mAh (UL Certified)
  26. Slim Plastic Credit Card Charger Power Bank - 2000mAh (UL Certified)
  27. Mini Wrist Strap Power Bank Charger - 2000mAh (UL Certified)
  28. Slim Aluminum Power Bank Charger W/Micro Usb Cable Wrist Strap - 2000mAh (UL Certified)
  29. Slim Duo USB Aluminum Power Bank Charger - 5000mAh (UL Certified)
  30. Tuscany™ Portfolio Power Bank and Pen Gift Set

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About Power Banks

There is no denying that at the recent time, people everywhere are stressing out over low battery issues. We have all been there the loading bars, undeliverable messages, 1% battery—right when we need to send any critical message or email.


Here is the truth your Branded Power Banks or Custom, Branded & Personalized Portable Chargers will save a lot of time when your employees or customers need that extra bit of power to make your company and brand their hero with a Logo Power Bank.


C2BPromo’s wide range of wood, metal, flashlight, LED Advertising, even digital picture frame Promotional Power Banks are set to impress. They are safe, certified, and promises fast delivery with any Personalized Power Bank. 


And with many of our Custom Power Banks products coming in at $5.00 or less, this is one peace of mind for your clients that you don’t want to miss out on.


From startups to Fortune 500 companies, C2BPromo has helped grow the brands of thousands of customers across North America. Go online to and discover why Personalized Power Banks & Custom Branded & Personalized Portable Chargers are the best customizable giveaway you can get.


The branded logo Promotional Power Banks help your clients charge their gadgets anywhere they go.   With the imprinted brand logo on power banks & chargers, you can reach a large number of tech savvy individuals via these Custom Branded & Personalized Portable Chargers.


The team of C2BPromo is pride to give your business a powerful promotional tool that can be used by people of all ages.  The Personalized Portable Chargers, Promotional Power Banks are the basic day-to-day item that people love to carry because of the ease of charging your smart devices. We believe in designing, creating & offering what fits your need & budget. C2BPromo’s power banks & promotional chargers with logo give your business a classy appeal & make unique giveaway for all your personal & promotional events.


Consult with the team of C2BPromo to let them know about your business promotion ideas.  Get free assistance, unbeatable customer support & quality promotional products to put a positive impact on the minds of the modern customers.


For an exceptional brand value, make our Promotional Power Banks your portable promotional solution within your budget. Choose from Portable Power Bank with LED Book Light, UL Certified Flat Power Bank with Capacity Indicator, Branded Slim Aluminum Power Bank, Promotional Luggage Scale Power Bank, Customized Executive Bluetooth Speaker, & more promotional tools.  Hurry Up!

Millions of our Power Banks have been shipped to North America. We take the safety of our products very seriously. Our Power Banks are certified by these safety standards: