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About Calculators

Calculators make wonderful corporate giveaways since they are necessities to have throughout our academic, professional, and personal lives. From students to teachers, friends to parents, doctors to lawyers, accountants to shop keepers, everyone needs to crunch numbers at some point in their life. In providing calculators to these businesses and business associates, they can assure you high brand exposure in almost any market. The calculators will be used on a daily basis while sitting on a desk for everyone to see your company’s brand name.


Due to repeated exposure, those who receive your promotional product will constantly be reminded of your message, thus increasing your brand reputation and recall over time. As well, any foot traffic that passes though your recipients’ offices will be exposed to your brand’s message. offers a large selection of calculators from round to square, battery to solar powered, each with an assortment of form factors and designs! Our custom design tool will ensure whoever looks at the calculator will leave your company name stuck in their mind.