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We know the risk involved when purchasing a large amount of promotional products and end up not using them, because you did not like the quality after all. We do not want our customers to go through this and most importantly, we do not want to waste any time or effort. So, it is our pleasure to offer you sample products before even starting the large order production phase! We believe that this will help you in making the final decision and to prove to you that our items are the exact items you had in mind!


Random samples are provided for free, if you proceed with the mass order after. We may charge you for the sample at first and will fully refund it after you place the official orders. We may also offer free of charge for samples of some products in your sample order with your shipping account #. 


Once again, we want to make sure you get only the best products by offering samples but also understand that we need to charge a fee to prevent some from abusing this area of the business. We believe this will safeguard both parties. Feel free to request for your free samples today. Contact our support team if you have any further questions.


Kindly Reminder for Random Sample Orders of Power Banks:


Complying with The 2017 IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and Supplemental IATA Lithium Battery Guidance, we can’t ship working samples of Power Banks (except for SKUs from Domestic Inventory) due to the restricts from Airlines and Couriers. All random sample orders of this product line will be Non-working units without Lithium battery cells inside, however, everything else including packing will be exactly same as those of final products for your reference.    


And please rest assured with official orders of Power Banks, we can ship them via Courier service such as UPS to your door without any issue. 




Random Sample Price: $25.00/ Unit